Automatic Solar Panel

In our project Automatic Solar Panel we implemented an automatic sun tracking system by utilizing the services of light dependent resistor, the LDR’s position is monitored by the micro controller based on this the angular movements of the DC motor is controlled. It is an intelligent solar power generation system because it generates the energy by itself it doesn’t require any manual operation.

Renewable energy resources are rapidly gaining importance in the field of electrical power generation. We know that solar energy is the most available and popular renewable energy resource, so we need to utilize the solar energy so we implemented a system which tracks the solar energy in its semi circular cycle.

Video link to view circuit diagram, block diagram

Proposed system:

The Automatic Solar Panel system is an closed loop system designed to align the solar panel toward the sun rays. Here in this project the angular position of the solar panel is controlled by the dc motor which is interfaced with the control system circuitry having micro controller setup. The LDR detects the maximum intensity of the sun light and send the signals to the micro controller then the micro controller manipulates the dc motor for rotating the solar panel towards the maximum intensity regions.

Light Depended Resistor:

The name itself depicts that the resistance value is dependent on the intensity of the light i.e. such that the resistance is low whenever the sun light intensity is high and vice versa.


The PCB fabrication is done to provide the electrical inter connections to various components in the circuit. This process involves drilling, cutting, cleaning, wiring, soldering and testing.

 Download Automatic Solar Panel Project Report


We observed the working of Automatic Solar Panel project practically here we placed a black cloth on the four LDR’s to provide uniform light intensity then we removed the cloth on LDR1 panel moved forward, and we removed the LDR2 the panel moved backward like that we conducted serial verification and we found that the system is successful in detecting the variations in the sun light.

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