Project Report On Automatic Sun Tracking System

Project Report On Automatic Sun Tracking System – ASTS can be used for Parabolic Trough tracker, Dishes tracker, PV (Photovoltaic generator) tracker, Heliostat, Solar Furnace and so on. Even though the theory of the controller system is similar to all the applications, there are some differences: the precision requirement for dishes tracker is stricter than PV tracker, while the Heliostat and solar furnace need the strictest precision requirement, and more difficult to apply solar sensor to make a closed-loop control system. So, when design these systems, selection of motor type, controller type and tracking mode should be different.

ASTS is a hybrid hardware/software project.

The software includes:

• VB 6.0 based GUI.

• Microsoft Access Database.

• Embedded Software (written in C) for microcontroller AT89c52.

The hardware includes:

• Solar panel assembly structure containing six functional sensors, stepper motor and solar cells.

• System Control Unit containing LCD, Keypad, Error Indicators and Emergency Stop switch.

• Complete PCB containing two microcontrollers (89c52). First one is the Master Microcontroller which controls the automatic operation of ASTS. While second one the Slave Microcontroller serially communicates (RS232) with VB software in computer.

The project report discussed about the details of Motor Selection, Solar Sensor.  Computer Based Control Unit is completely software based control, written in VB 6.0. It incorporates a GUI (figure-10) and a Database, linked with Microsoft Access. Using this software the computer serially communicates (RS232) with the ASTS. The Slave microcontroller (89c51) of the system makes this communication successful.

Project Report On Automatic Sun Tracking System Conclusion:

Although ASTS is a proto type towards a real system, but still its software and hardware can be used to drive a real and very huge solar panel. A small portable battery can drive its control circuitry. Therefore by just replacing the sensing instrument, its algorithm and control system can be used in RADAR and moveable Dish Antennas.

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