Digital Phase Selector EEE Student Project

The objective of this Digital Phase Selector Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report, the demand is increasing day by day and able to generate power to the requirement, to transmit power with maximum efficiency and minimum losses. The major problem now a day a consumer is facing is power interruption with which major damage is caused to money and sometimes to life and lot of time is wasted. Another major problem with power interruption is in distribution system.

Power instability backs up the utility supply for automation of phase selection or alternative sources of power. Most applications of industrial and commercial are power supply dependent. A digital phase selector is installed in residential and office premises with the use of single-phase equipment. If any mains phase lines go fail then it chooses the available phase line automatically.

All domestic loads are connected to single phase supply and when the fault occurs then power is available in other phases and so we cannot utilize that power. High frequency switching technology is the latest technique that uses infrared radiation for switching purpose and IC MCT2E opto coupler is used. The advantage with this technique is mechanical switching is reliable for single phase supply.

The digital phase selector is able to take power from inverter and when the power fails in all the three phases then availability of inverter gets more reliable. The inverter is charged during normal conditions and gives back up during fault conditions.

The block diagram of digital phase selector has four blocks they are Phase sensing and switching block, Control logic block, Relay driver section, and Power supply unit.


Electrical energy is the only form of energy available easily and advantage of this energy form is to convert one form of energy into electrical energy and vice-versa and its usage has been increasing day by day. The digital phase selector is an advanced technique used for automation and power quality improvement.

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