Editing and Coding of MBA Project

Editing and coding:

(Stuart and Alan, 1962) indicate to editing as the evaluating of information gathered, to guarantee that all the questions contain suitable replies. Distinctive errors, which could be recognized by editing, are: more than 1 reply chosen, if merely 1 reply is permitted to a query; hoping a question.

If the participant has ticked 2 responses to the similar closed-ended query, the investigator would disregard the respond. Nevertheless, the worry is that merely some participants might reply the query. On the basis significance of the query, the entire query might be ignored; else fresh groups might be formed, to integrate the replies provided, which drop outer the array of alternatives given. Once the raw information has been edited, the information would be coded.

Coding indicate to the categorization of answers into groups. The responses to the closed-ended query would be divided, as per their series of look, such as the primary response to the query would be coded one, the next response 2 as well as 4th. The responses to the unrestricted queries would be coded as per the kinds of responses provided. Every comparable kind of responses would be divided into 1 group. Tables would be assembled, as per how many participants have selected a definite response to the pertinent query. 

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