Mitigating Performance Degradation in Congested Sensor Networks

Data’s generated in Wireless Sensor Networks may not all alike, some Data’s are more important than other Data’s and they may have Different Delivery Requirements. If Congestion occurs in the Wireless Network. Some or More Important data’s may be dropped. But in our Project we handle this problem by addressing Differentiated Delivery Requirements. We propose a class of algorithms that enforce differentiated routing based on the congested areas of a network and data priority.

      Congestion aware routing protocol functionality is to find out congested zone in the wireless network between high priority data and the data sink, by implementing simple forwarding steps helps in forwarding high priority data without any packet loss. CAR protocol is unsuitable for mobile traffic because of overhead in high priority routing zone.

      In order to provide high priority paths for important packets in mobile systems we create new paths using MAC Enhanced CAR protocol. This protocol will handle pritority data efficiently in mobile systems.

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