Student Coding Assignment Evaluation Using API Project


Data mining in educational institutions is helping to analyze students’ details and provide an effective evaluation system in a short time. With the advancement of new technologies, the student evaluation procedure has changed from manual correction to automating the process of correction and analysis. This student coding assignment evaluation system using API is designed to evaluate students coding correction process through the automation process.

When a student submits an answer to a student’s question online faculty will evaluate coding by sending data to API and get results or error messages. By checking these messages faculty will give marks to students. This process is done through a web application that is developed in a python programming language.  

Problem statement:

Students assignment evaluation is a time taking process for faculty which required a manual process of checking each line of code and giving marks to students. 


The coding evaluation process can be automated by using available code-checking API which can be integrated into the college assignment assigning website. Using this process evaluation is completed with just in a click and faculty can give marks based on results.

Existing system:

  • A manual process was used for checking assignments and evaluating results.
  • Data mining techniques were used for evaluation which uses previous coding datasets and predicts results that are not accurate.


  • Faculty must check each line of code to evaluate coding and give grading.
  • The time taken for the evaluation process is high.

Proposed system:

The student online coding evaluation system provides an automatic coding checking process through which faculty can assign coding assignments and get results from students and compile code in click and check results and give marks.


  • The entire process of assigning to evaluation is done online and coding evaluation is done in one click.
  • API is used for checking errors in code and giving grading.

System requirement: 

Programing language: python

Framework: Flask

Database: MYSQL

API: for compiling code

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