Ethical Hacking and Advantages Btech Seminar Report

Description: The research paper Ethical Hacking and Advantages Btech Seminar Report talks about ethical hacking as a necessary evil. Hacking as such is a very bad thing to do. A person who is a genius with his own right in using computers and who knows inside out of computer’s hardware components and machinery and who masters some of the quintessential computer languages, and can decode everything in order to understand what it means and how it works can be a potential hacker. In simple words a hacker is a subject expert.

IN this growing world of information and technology and bulge of information in a colossal proportion, security is the most vulnerable thing. Information sometimes decides the fate of the company. This information has to be secured because of a highly networked environment. A third party access to your information might play foul with the business dreams of prosperity and expansion.

In a scenario like this hackers who have all the essential tools to penetrate into a secure environment can steal your precious information or corrupt it irreversibly using ‘backdoors, toolkits and worms’. Not just this the business world is growing astronomically there is a financial transaction across the world at drop of hand, hackers smack at e-transactions as they can make their lucre dreams come true. The research paper makes understand the evil purport of hackers, and their desire to indulge in something sly.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes saying that in a scenario like this in which security is the most endangered element, ethical hacking comes into existence. Ethical hackers are the hackers authorized by the company and with an official seal to go about hacking. They are more intelligent than malicious hackers in the sense they penetrate into the security system the similar way hackers do and identify the vulnerable areas within. They, the ethical hackers, have to step into the shoes of malicious hackers and understand the extent of danger that could be unleashed upon the system.

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