How is Ethical Hacking Done CS Student Project Seminar

Description: The research paper How is Ethical Hacking Done CS Student Project Seminar describes the process of ethical hacking. It tries to explain the nature of hacking and why it is done. It also shows the differences between malicious hacking and ethical hacking. The research paper suggests that in these days of ever growing information and so knowledge there is a direct proportionality with the competitive spirit within the companies. Companies want to outperform one another. Information and secret/private information of the company at that could be of utmost importance in making or breaking lucrative business deals.

Not just business proceeding, but the transactions depend heavily upon security systems and advanced cryptology algorithms. In a scenario like this e-transaction becomes highly vulnerable. Perpetrators who are geniuses in their own right can create programs, decryptions and algorithms that play foul with your security system. This they do in order to gain access to the personal information and the most private information the company shares or just to corrupt the entire system by using toolkits, Trojans and other malicious weapons and derive evil pleasure seeing the company/person in trouble and experience losses.

Ethical hackers are the persons that help right in time. Ethical hackers as the name itself suggests are persons authorized by the company to wear the hat of hackers and do similar things that hackers do. This they do in order to discover the potential vulnerability, upheavals and loopholes in the company security system. Genius per se ethical hackers are a step ahead of mainstream malicious hackers in the sense they need to go a step above these hackers and think what they could do to corrupt the information. Only then will the ethical hackers be able to understand the ways of fortifying company’s security measures.

Conclusion: The paper concludes saying that ethical hacking is advantageous and also disadvantageous. Ethical hacking helps a company realize potential loopholes at the same time it is like sharing the most intimate information of the company with an outsider. This poses many severe and related questions. An act based on trust could do bad too at times.

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