Employee Performance Portal Java Project Abstract

Employee Performance portal projects the main idea is to implement a software application for an organization which will update different sections of employees performance and grade with appraisals.  

This system includes salary hike, employee experience and information on projects they are working on. Using this application human resource management can easily analyze employee details and help them for recruiting a new employee.

This application also is used for project leaders to understand the performance of their team by analyzing the task allocated and information of work completed in given time based on their performance grading is given to employees.

This procedure of ranking is called as consolidated ranks based on this reports organization will recognize employee status and increase their salary.

 This system is an online application which can be accessed from all over the world with secured permission given to every user. 

Data is updated and maintained in a database on daily bases and reports are shown in the form of graphs for easy understanding.

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  1. SIR, i am having problem logging in,it shows java.lang.nullpointer exception. Pls tell how to resolve.

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