Employee to Management Project in ASP.net with Source Code

Project Title: E2M Employee to Management Project in ASP.net with Source Code 

This Project explains about the internal communication between the employees and management in a corporate organization. Administrator login page provides login credentials for all administrators, moderators and super moderators.

Other features added in the administrator web form are home page details, employees information, providing company information and finally given feedback form. After admin login successful he/she has rights to add branch details, college details, department details, add employee details, and also he/she can view the branch list, department and employee list added by him or other moderators. Coming to the adding branch Id form where admin can add branch identification number, branch name, branch address, and finally adding mobile number.

Coming to the adding department web form where admin can add department ID number, department name under branch ID. Coming to employee web form where admin can add employee name, employee number, address, password, age, gender, phone number, email id, badge id, branch id, department name and many more.

Employee login for contains employee username and password provided by admin and after successful login to the system he/she has to send messages to the admin like management and share documents like home work, examination papers, etc. The main feature of this application is providing chatting facility and providing online conference application to share their views and information without wastage of time.

E2M project adding employee to the database.


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