.Net Project On Employee Reimbursement System

.Net Project On Employee Reimbursement system is a web based application which can be used by any organization for giving best services or their employees for reimbursement of money. This application will replace existing manual procedure following by many organizations which takes lot of time and manual work. .Net-Project-On-Employee-Reimbursement-System

Every company will come across this situation where their employees will submit receipts like train ticket, doctor certificate…Etc for reimbursement. In existing system employees will fill the form and submit to higher managing department by for approval which is a time taking process. Using this application employees can submit information through a web application which can be done from any were and the application will be submitted to higher authorities for cross check and status of the application can be updated on web through which employee can interact with officials and the payment can done through online which is an easy and helpful process for company and employees. 

 Employee Reimbursement system project can be used in real time by any organization for reducing manual work and work load. Exchange of information is easy using this method.

 This application contains six modules with different functionalities assigned in each module based on the user designation. 

Employee Reimbursement system  Functionality: 

Admin Module

             This module helps user to login to  the site and submit his application. Admin has permission to check his details to approve or decline the application. 

 Employee Module:

                  In this module employee can login with his desired username and password and submit information for reimbursement. After his bill is cross checked his application status will be updated on this profile. 

Manager Module:

             This module will be handled by manager of an organization who will accept application of requested employee and provide solution for his request. 

Director Module:

         In this module cross checked application from manager will be submitted to director he will recheck the details and submit to account section. 

Reports Module (ACCOUNTANT): 

             This module deals finance matters based on the expenses employee spent on bills and transfer money to employee bank account.

Download Project report  of .Net Project On Employee Reimbursement System.

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