Tours and Travels Management System Documentation

Tours and travels management system project is a web based application useful for managing different types of bookings for using a single application. This application is developed in programming language.

Tours and Travels Management System Project Report

Advantages of Tours and Travels Management System Project:

One-stop shopping When it comes to flight arrangements, railway arrangements, rental cars, tour excursions, cruise information and accommodation, and hotels, travel agents have a lot of clout. They can provide a complete travel package, including shuttle service to and from the airport and even the services of a personal tour guide if requested. By doing all your travel and travel-related shopping with a reputable online travel agency, there is no telling how much you can get done within a short amount of time.

Last minute booking- It used to be that travelling last minute was expensive. Not anymore with online travel agents! In many cases, unsold seats on flights or unsold rooms in hotels are offered to travel agents a few weeks before departure date at considerably discounted rates so they can be sold immediately. If you are travelling last minute, ask your online travel agent for last minute budget deals. Chances are you might get what you want, provided your travel dates don’t fall within peak travel times. But you have to ask, not assume that it will be offered automatically!

Explanation of Few modules in this project:

Customer Reservation:

The customer are given the facility to make online directly.Theyhas to register themselves as registered customers. It is made to authentication of the customers, exchange of cryptography keys, and creation of a profile for each traveler. Each customer is identified by the user name. The customer confirms their reservation or makes any query using the user id.

Online Ticket Reservation:

T ‘n’ T Travels allows its customers to reserve ticket online through its own site contains a huge information regarding all types of convenes throughout India in comparatively less price. Customer may select their own way of communication according to their requirements. Travels boasts of a modern and computerized infrastructure.This enables us to assure immediate reservations to ourcustomers and provide them with relevant online information. .The advantage of booking your online ticket is that you receive “e-tickets” instantly, which consist of a number that identifies your transaction. This not only saves your time but also helps you to compare and find the best deals on your travel.

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