Employee Expense Management System Java Project

Abstract :

Employee expense management system is a system which helps an organization to maintain the details and transactions of the employees in the organization. This system maintains a centralized database. All the personal details and the transaction details of the employee are  maintained by this system.

Introduction :

Employee expense management system is an automated system. This system can be useful the managers in any organization. Employee Expense Management System provides the facility to define the tasks of the employee in the organization.

This system  also allows the managers to give the certification  for any reimbursable expenses put up by the employee. Employee expense management system is the means by the organization which is developed to reduce the transaction code. This system also enables the employees to keep track of their expenses.

In this system all the control will be taken by the manager. This system stores data related to expense vouchers for any reimbursable. This system provides all description and  detailed information of the employee. The main advantage of this system is this creates an excel report and PDF documents based on the information in its database.

Objective :

The main objective of this system is to improve the database management performance and provide easy and fast result in maintaining the employee details. To provide high level security and to reduce the time in generating the report.

Modules :

Administrator module :

Administrator assigns a priority to each report that is generated. Administrator can also access voucher related information. Admin module generates reports based on data submitted by managers.

Manager module :

Managers should be able to view vouchers waiting for their approval in their inbox by logging in to the application. Employee should be able to track progress of his vouchers. At any point in the workflow, managers should have the option of rejecting any voucher stating appropriate reasons and controls the team member’s access to the vouchers assigned. Manager has the permission to generate the reports and update the information of team members and can add new members to the project.

Employee module :

Employees department and designation, the vouchers should flow to his supervisors for their approvals. The number of approvals required will vary according to total amount of the voucher and approval limits set for supervisors.

Backup Admin :

Back up admin means accounts department users should be able to view approved vouchers of all employees and mark vouchers as paid. This step completes the lifecycle of the voucher and the associated process instance.

Software Requirements :

Language                                 :           Java

Web technologies                    :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                   :           Html, CSS, JSP

Database                                  :           Oracle 10G

Scripting                                  :           JavaScript, Ajax

Browser                                   :           IE 6.0/ Mozilla

Operating System                  :           Windows/Linux

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