Elements of Multimedia Rich Mobile Communication

Elements of Multimedia Rich Mobile Communication Abstract: Media in communications are the storage and transmission channels to store and deliver information or data. Media is the form and technology to communicate information and refers to means of communication such as television, radio, and the newspaper are different kinds of media.

Multimedia is the integrated multiple forms of media which includes text, graphics, audio, video, etc. Mobile multimedia is a set of protocols and standards for exchanging information in multimedia on wireless networks. It is mainstream systems of next generation mobile communications with large voice capacity, multimedia applications and high-speed mobile data services.

Today’s rich multimedia mobile communications has many various applications in our daily routine. Sharing of data is much easier with the help of different services in mobile communication. The mobile communication providers have got access to internet, voice messaging, video calls, MMS and much more in a mobile world.

The mobile generation from first generation (1G) to the Third Generation (3G) has a drastic change. Today’s mobile generation has got improved quality of voice communications and got the access to a new global communication which aims to reach communication ubiquity anytime and anywhere.

Fourth generation mobile wireless system is a packet switched wireless system and the 4G wireless uses Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Ultra Wide Radio Band (UWB), and Millimeter wireless.

The various elements contributed to Multimedia Rich Mobile Communication are Voice and Video, Messaging, Switched data, Medium and High Multimedia, mobile game, videoconference or video-conference etc. The technology uses protocols are CDMA, GPRS, and EDGE.

Elements of Multimedia Rich Mobile Communication Conclusion:

The mobile communication is growing day by day and to fulfill the ever-increasing demand of the mobile users is not at all a simple task. A grueling research in fields of science is finding a new innovative means of mobile communication to satisfy the mobile users. Today, mobile phones have rich multimedia support and many facilities which are making our lives exciting and easy.

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