Embedded Systems B.tech Final Year Seminar Topic on Smart Phones with Report

A system of architecture is present with us in this paper that allows user interaction with the systems that are embedded. They act within the proximity with the help of smart phones. Four interaction models have been identified by us between the surrounding environments and smart phones. Dual connectivity, gateway connectivity universal remote control and peer-to-peer are the four connections and although each of them are completely different from the other but our framework is unique for all.

The communication of hybrid has been just central to our architecture system and it has the capabilities to incorporate the use of smart phones. Short range wireless connectivity are the special and unique features of this connectivity like Bluetooth and internet connection. All these are possible only in a single handset. Along with high processing power these features can change a smart phone into a simple mobile device that can be easily carried by people. 

In this paper we have discussed about converting the smart into a simple mobile device so that it can easily fit inside a pocket thus making it easy for people to carry it with them wherever they go. Usually Smartphones can be used as personal server as well as a personal assistant. The former one helps in storing and downloading of data as per the needs of the users whereas the later one helps in remote interaction along with the systems that are embedded and located in the near proximity of the user’s.

For achieving this goal we have presented a system architecture for various models. In the central position of the universal integration architecture there is a dual connectivity system of smart phones that allows them to communicate with the close environments with the use of short-range networking of wireless connections. This is one of the best proposed system that will increase the smart phone usage.

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