Multimedia Services in Mobile Networks Project

Project Title: Multimedia services in mobile networks

Project Description:

Mobile communications has been deployed in recent years on two major fronts: cellular mobile and infrastructure-based wireless local area networks (WLAN’s). The former supported fast mobility over large distances, while the latter supported high data rates in a relatively fixed setting with a short wireless hop. Both have provided steadily increasing data rates over the last decade. Mobile telephony added low- to medium-speed data services (SMS, emails, etc.) in 2G. There is now an increased demand to transmit broadcast music and low bandwidth video over cellular networks, hence recently deployed 3G networks can support higher data rates (384 kb/s to 2 Mb/s). WLAN’s can offer much higher data rates, enough to offer streaming voice, video, and multimedia services. It is considered crucial that both these networks are able to support all possible services: voice, data, video, and multimedia. Providing multimedia services over such networks is a challenging area.

Aims and objectives:-

The project should consider how a large corporation (e.g. multimedia based) could best engineer a transformation to a wholly mobile network. Multimedia services over wireless/mobile ad hoc networks should be a priority, with special emphasis on multimedia streaming. Envisaged research areas are to consider whether a mixture of UMTS (3G mobile) and IEEE 802.11 WLAN’s could provide a possible solution.

Product Details:

The primary aim of the project is use OPNET’s ITGURU modelling software to model and analyse the performance of a large scale wireless network, with particular emphasis on the deployment of multimedia services.

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