ZigBee-Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation and Control Abstract

ZigBee is a technology that is based on the technology of wireless systems and it’s designed on the basis of global standard to look after the needs of people using lost cost and power sensor networks. It takes full advantage of IEEE 802.15.4 and also function in unlicensed bands at various frequencies.

On the basis of the protocol features that is implemented in the IEEE

802.15.4 the Zigbee has a future full of brightness, ahead. The biggest market for devices based on Zigbee system is BACs. According to the predictions of On World the WSN  services and product cost around $6 billion in in the year 2012. ZigBee-WMNs  are known to be flexible as well as a cost effective solution that is used for control and automation of building.

They are accessible and easily affordable. At the same time they provide a perfect solution for the dangerous, harsh and difficult surroundings where the distribution of devices takes place. As like the traditional networks of the computer ZigBee-WMNs also promise to make the automation of building that much common. Within a few years the scenario will be like one can go to the market and purchase a sensor and other devices used for controlling and install as well as configure them from their own.

In the upcoming future the use of  ZigBee-WMNs will become more and more prominent especially in the sector of commercial buildings. The features and benefits of ZigBee-WMNs will change the way of thinking and looking for people with respect to operation, construction and maintenance. For automation of networks and processing ZigBee-WMNs deployment is necessary as it can help to save money and time. It also does not require the need of hard-working of devices. The latest development allows security, redundancy, scalability that is crucial to the factory network automation and processing.

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