National Institute of Technology CSE Project Report on Intranet Caching Protocol

Introduction to Intranet Caching Protocol Project:

The existing system is used to download the files and important documents from the internet. These files can be downloaded from the intranet caching protocol where it becomes easy to download the files. The user sends the request to the server for the file download; the previous server sends the request to the LAN called as the Local Area Network. This LAN sends the request to the main server and then the file is completely downloaded. Motivation and the literature Survey are the two more sub parts of the existing development system. 

This system contains a search department where there are total three phases called as the First phase where when the button of the Graphic User Interface is clicked the code behind that button function gets executed and the program gets Builder, Second phase here an ftp client server is generated and the basics of the socket programs starts running in the other system too.

Third phase is where the main form called the MDI form interprets with the user to enter the required data in the Graphic user Interface form which will be further either stored in the database or can be used to search the requested data. 

The system that was developed using the network really reduced the time required for downloads of files. For the successful download and the quick connection wizard the Intranet Bandwidth must be reduced at the required period of time. The results of the system show that the performances issues of the system are very sufficient and also very good. The protocol here must have the same features and facilities too. The search facility also gives a great advantage to the users that are provided by the Local Area Networks. This system has the capability of accepting 20 requests at a same duration of time.

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