EC Technical Seminar Presentation Topic on Relativistic Chips The Spintronics Theory

Introduction to EC Technical Seminar Presentation Topic on Relativistic Chips The Spintronics Theory:

BRAIN is one of the most ultimate biological machines and no kind of microprocessor in the entire world can challenge its functions. Of the current IC technology energy and heat are the main constraints. The law of Moores is the ideal for it and relativity can be the answer. The world’s fastest computer is not very faster but the presence of electrons make them do so. 

The relativity theory is proposed by sir Einstein and the existing theory suggests a latest design for the microchips than usually based on the electron spins. The relativistic effects are minuscule but unless the acceleration of the objects takes place in an important fraction of c, that is 300 million meters per second.

Higher end chips are not so much faster like that of the speed of light but the electrons that are present inside them do so. The short form of spin electronics is spontaneous and it studies about the spin of electrons in various materials for better understanding of its behavior with the developers hope for a new generation of electronic systems.

A spinning sphere is known as electron and it is full of charge and has the property of quantum known as spin which makes its manner similar to the twirling of management on its axis, connecting both the poles that is north and south pole. Spheres or electrons can include spins that are oriented in several directions. Like the compass needle the magnetic field also makes ans electronic swivel and the spin axis also processes like that of a wobbling top.  The electrons do not process and the spin orientation anymore after the removal of the magnetic field. A new high technology world of spintronic devices has opened to us as a completely new world and some of the devices include spintronic sola cells



Relativistic transistors.

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