Seminar Topic on Educational Technology

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Educational Technology :

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of technology used in education. Education is the most important one and everyone needs to have quality education .As usage of technology is increasing day to day, this brought many changes in education also. Many of the teachers who are working in villages doesn’t have knowledge about computers. The use of technology in education can bring vast changes in students. Hence if computers are used at elementary school level then the quality education can be provided to students.

Brief into Educational Technology:

Many of the researches have been conducted to test the influence of technology in students. In the year 2000 a research was conducted among high school students in learning trigonometry by using computer. But they found there was no difference in their attitude after learning trigonometry by using a multimedia program. In the year 2003 another study was carried out to know the effectiveness of multimedia presentation used in teaching and learning  of chemistry in secondary stage.

It was found that this had a great impact on students and  Another research in the year 2004 was carried on i.e. to know the pupil’s performance by using computer assisted evaluation package in Tamil Nadu Professional Courses Entrance. This methods used in this research are Quasi, qualitative and quantitative approaches.

They found that there was slight difference in their performance by using internet, and intranet. Like these Seventy five researchers were performed and all of them have been proved that use of technology can develop quality of education.

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