DNA Computing and Bio Informatics Word Document

DNA Computing and Bio Informatics Word Document talks about the biological link between DNA and Computing. The traditional Silicon Microprocessor has kept to quite some extent the herculean task of safeguarding oodles and oodles of data and it’s still promising to come up with even more sophisticated trends. This has now become a routine but not until 2001 when the computer Scientists of Israel proclaimed to have come up with a computer that is just the size of a water droplet but with a capacity of storing data billion times more. Such an announcement has astonished the world.

How DNA Computing has come into existence: Many theories have come up stating the use of biological elements that could marvelously help in computing, earlier ATP or the Adenosine Tri Phosphate the energy powerhouse of the cell was considered to perform many wonderful computations. Now it is the DNA with its uniquely sequencing nucleotides Adenine, Guanine, Thymine and Cytosine.

What is Bio Informatics: Bio informatics is the science that uses the principles of biology to deal with some computational problems.

What Bio Informatics Can do? Analysis and interpretation of various types of biological data     including: nucleotide and amino acid sequences, protein domain, and protein structures.

  • Development of new algorithms and statistics with which to assess biological information, such as relationships among members of large data sets.
  • Development and implementation of tools that enable efficient access and management of different types of information, such as various databases, integrated mapping information.

 Conclusion: The research paper closes on a note that there is a huge inflow of information on a day to day basis. Silicon microprocessor can store data but DNA computing facilitates storage of unlimited data. Scientists predict that sometime in the future the silicon microprocessor will be completely replaced with the DNA thus facilitating unlimited storage.

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