Direct Marketing Campaign of Human Resource Consulting firm

Thousand Projects Technologies is a start up Human Resource Consulting firm at Hyderabad, India. They are into Providing all types of like Personnel & Strategic HR services under one roof including staffing etc.,

The another wing of Thousand Projects technologies is Learning & Development for corporate employees and core & Practical training for graduates from different streams with placement assistance.


 “Thousand Projects Technologies” Taking this brand into masses of Non – IT set ups of Hyderabad.

  • Creating Brand Awareness among corporates of IT segment through Direct and In direct Marketing
  • Taking the credibility and the brand loyalty to the young graduates who are looking for opportunities and challenges in corporates.
  • Bridging the gap between the companies requirements from the fresh graduates and the academics, like bridging the gap between theory and the practical. This strategy is targeting the educational Institutes through direct Marketing.

Plan of Action:

  1. Dividing The Business Into 3 Segments like Non – IT, IT & Educational Institutes.
  2. Preparation of Marketing Materials like Catalogues, Pamphlets, Brochures, Business Cards, Kiosk, Info Desks, Presentations etc.,
  3. Dividing topography of Hyderabad into 10 regions and putting 3 Marketing Executives in every region which is equal to 30 field marketing staff.
  4. In House 10 Technical Team Members who will send emails, contents etc.,
  5. Tele calling team of 5 Members who will be following up with the clients visited by the Marketing teams.

 The Marketing Strategy is been divided into 4 segments:

  1. Non – IT Companies: Direct Marketing
  2. Non – IT Companies: Digital Marketing & Tele Marketing
  3. IT Companies: Direct Marketing
  4. IT Companies: Digital Marketing & Tele Marketing
  5. Educational Institutes: Direct Marketing
  6. Educational Institutes: Digital & Tele Marketing

The Mode of Marketing is divided into Four models:

  1. Sending Marketing executives to every door step of IT, Non – IT & Educational Institutes.
  2. Collecting the data base of the required HRs and the Academic heads and following up them by tele callers.
  3. Digital Marketing by 10 Internal technical teams who will be focusing completely on promoting the brand in social media, etc., through content writing, articles, search engine optimization, increasing traffic to the website.
  4. Event Management: Again here the strategy is getting associated with NHIRD, MHIRD, HRD, APITCO, FAPCCI, CII etc., government and independent organizations and organizing events with their partner ships.
  5. Funding students events related to Management fests etc.,
  6. Free sessions on latest improvements in engineering and the management etc., targeting the young talent/ fresh graduates from different streams.

Strategic Importance & Business Importance: 

  • There are many consultancies in Hyderabad who struggling to meet the client’s expectations, there is the wide range of scope in Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, ITES, Tourism, Health Care, Hospitality, service sectors as more than 90% of the existing consultancies are focusing on only IT.
  • There are many consultancies who are cheating job seekers by collecting lakhs of rupees in the name of placing them in good and reputed companies.
  • There is been a lot of gap between the companies expectations and the academic content and the objective of starting educational wing parallel to consulting is to train the candidates as per the requirement of organizations requirements which not been done at colleges.
  • There HR related compliance related to statutory in India is hectic. There are many companies who are looking for standard and ethical consultancies who can take care of their statutory compliance as the same is being done by Individual consultants in a traditional way even after a lot of technical changes and the amendments.
  • Staffing is the another challenge which is being faced by IT start-ups as they don’t want to put all employees on their rolls as the business depends on the technicalities and the Projects.
  • There are many Companies in India and Hyderabad who have started their business long back and were successful but as there is growing FDI and MNC companies are ruling the business in India, all the traditionally managed companies in India has understood the importance of Talent Management, talent development, talent retention, Standard Operating Procedures, Systems, Policies etc., there is a huge scope of setting up HR department, HR Restructuring etc.,
  • The mind set and the strategy of the leaders of the company are changing and they want to focus on the key area and the key function of the business and rest they are ready to out the source. The payroll systems, Talent Acquisition, On Boarding, Record Management, Staffing, Statutory Compliances etc.,
  • Based on above-mentioned facts and figures the Thousand Projects technologies management has framed the Marketing Model as they want to penetrate deep into the targeted market and the customers aggressively. The Marketing team may take the maximum of three months to meet all the targeted customers and after that their role will be delivering the services as per service level agreements and even retaining the customers. This will be an ongoing activity.

Desired Results:

  • The plan is 30 Marketing Executives will meet minimum 5 Clients in a day for 26 days and in a Month they will cover 3900 Clients in Month and in a quarter 11700 clients which are huge.
  • Maximum 12000 Companies and Institutes will be aware of Thousand Projects technologies and their services.
  • Through associations and events, the HRs of companies will be aware of the services provided by Thousand Projects technologies and they will contact immediately if they need any assistance related to HR.
  • Generating revenue by conducting training sessions to corporates, as well as students and Job seekers.
  • Generating revenue by other HR services to corporate clients from IT, Non – IT Clients.
  • Promoting and highlighting Brand in every possible way with in 3 Months and they believed the tie ups and business will come definitely after 3 Months of promotion.


  • Marketing Executives were not able to reach targets as it was a Herculean task for them to enter into company with out an appointment and they can’t get an appointment unless they know anyone in that company.
  • The business is exclusively into HR related services, it is not that easy to describe the product and the services to HRs of the company by Marketing executives.
  • Many of the educational institutes were reluctant and they have not agreed that there is a gap between academics and the industry needs.
  • They were successful and they got to break even business but the strategy planned earlier got modified as per the challenges and they took things under control.


  1. 30 Field Marketing executives, 20 Back end team and they will work on the same agenda which will take things for loss as 2 – 3 associates contact the same customer and if the deal close and to whose basket it has to go????
  2. Taking HR services brand to corporates and their door steps by executives might not be the strategy, in fact, it will defame the brand.
  3. Spending money on events and funding management fests, how can we measure the brand penetrating and the revenue generated through this strategy.


Rather than taking the brand in a massive and aggressive way, they can focus on below-mentioned strategies:

Getting the Contact details of HRs/Business Heads through:

  1. The HR Name and contact numbers from Job Portals adds posted by companies in different websites, paper ads etc.,
  2. Bank executives who give salary accounts to new joiners of companies.
  3. Telecom: SIM cards providers who deal with corporate clients etc.,

If they would have invested money, time in above-mentioned strategy etc., they would have got the exact contact person name and the contact details based on which the target for the tele caller is to fix an appointment with the concerned person and the  responsibility of the marketing executive to close the deal as per the fixed appointment. In this strategy, we can clearly see the performance. The phase may be slow but we can get an exact desired result. It will definitely take times but it will work out.

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