Digital Asset Management System .Net Project Synopsis

Project Title: Digital Asset Management System

Domain: Open Industry 

Sub Domain: Management 

Architecture: N-Tier Architecture

SDLC Methodology: SDLC Model 


This System helps in creating and managing a data repository of the inventory pertaining to the hardware and software of IT resources in an organization. It will also be used to manage related documents of all employees which will be saved with security and authenticity. It will have options to register employees, save all related infrastructure items. Comprehensive role management will also be provided as per improved security. 


This System helps in creating and managing a data repository of the inventory pertaining to the hardware and software of IT resources in an organization.

The IT inventory list basically consists of computers, monitors, software, network devices, printers, plotters, scanners, cartridges, etc. Asset Management, which has two major components, an application to maintain the inventory data pertaining to the installed hardware and software of a computer and its associated peripherals, and second component named which helps in the management of these inventories. The Second module makes use of the data captured by the First and the financial and commercial data pertaining to the inventory. The financial details include data on the invoice, warranty, AMC and the commercial details include data on suppliers, contacts, contracts etc. The financial and commercial data have to be entered manually into the System. The data captured could be imported into System; also manual entry of inventory data is possible in the Software. 


Inventory of Asset types like Computer, Laptop, Projector, Chairs

Maintaining the Data about the AMC Details.

Raises warnings on Antivirus and AMC Expired date.

Maintains asset information as branch wise in the organization

Maintains the invoice details about Asset


This System helps in creating and managing a data repository of the inventory pertaining to the hardware and software of IT resources in an organization.

Admin login into the system through credentials

Admin will add the Branch details

Admin will add information room, floor details

Admin will add the assets information into the system

Admin will add the assets invoice information

Manager login into the system through his credentials

Asset Manager will change assets from one location to another

The system will display expire dates about software like antivirus etc.

Admin will add AMC Details

The manager can view the AMC Details

The system maintains all asset information like computers, chairs laptops etc. 

Out of Scope:

Asset information that might have changed in long timeframes.

AMC contact details information may change.


Administration This module is accessible to admin only. Admin can add all assets that are maintained in an organization. He will add company info first. Then will add branches and then related assets and all related information. Will have access to related modules to add the necessary info.

Asset Management this module is for adding different assets and its related info to the application. It will have grid view also to see the added info.  It will have add/ edit and delete option for any asset held in an organization. It will have the option to add AMC info to and upload attachments related to the same for related assets. It will have the option to update the status of an asset like a computer if it is in repair wherever applicable.

Registration Employees has to register themselves and their login will be approved to access the application. Employees can raise a complaint against hardware issues for the assets they are using.

Reports Will be used by admin and management officials to see the status of assets used in the organization as a snapshot.

Roles This module will be used to grant roles to different employees who have registered and access will be granted to them to different modules as per the assigned role. 


Administrator / Asset Manager / Employees


Generic Technology Keywords: Database, User Interface, Programming

Specific Technology Keywords: Asp.Net, C#.Net, MS SqlServer-05

Project Keywords: Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layer

SDLC Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing 

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:
Database: SQL Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as backend with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

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