Differences between RAM and ROM Literature Review

Differences between RAM and ROM

RAM and ROM are used to perform operations of computer with high speed and in user PC stored data is accessed easily. RAM is used hardware to store programs of applications, and processes are randomly accessed. On the other hand, RAM is used to perform rebooting the PC, RAM is considered as computer backbone and it is erasable completely.


ROM speed is lower when compared to speed of RAM. Because of this reason, most PC has ROM with greater capacity. In terms, ROM is engraved software. While hard drive is presented in ROM, in chips RAM is presented. So, sufficient ROM amount is needed by computer system of user to run applications and programs in computer operating system.


Speed is considered as major difference which is presented between ROM and RAM because applications must be loaded with high speed via ROM to run applications and software. This memory remains when computer is shut down though updating ROM when user PC is on. User may need to buy RAM when PC of user is slow.

 Storage capacity

RAM is referred as volatile storage. When switch off the PC, all stored information is completely cleared out. For storage purpose, all computers own nonvolatile storage capacity and when switch off PC, instructions are passed. When system is in on state then ROM is updated.

If user wants to boost speed of user computer, additional memory adding is needed by him that perform rectangle cards resemble. Additional thing is, ROM is referred as unchangeable memory which runs applications and software. Because of its useful functions, without ROM the system will not perform its operations in effective manner.

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