Basics of File Storage Process Literature Review

The file is considered as the set of the collection of the information which is rationally assembled into the group of single individual which is being referenced through the specific single name called filename. Basically there are two types of the end user devices such as data files such as the text documents, the spreadsheets, the images, videos and the system files like operating system, the binaries as well as the libraries of the applications.

The files are explained with their name as well as they are being stored managed and then accessed. The directories are so called the folders that can be considered as the organizational structures which are being utilized by the file systems towards the group files. The main purpose of the file systems is to secure and store the different types of the files, the system and data files, the metadata which is upon the storage media.

The lasting data is even maintained by the storage media which is considered as the data that is gathered from the deleted files. By making use of the end user devices as well as the forensic analysis process the lasting data could be recovered in an easy manner.

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