Design of Intranet Mail System Project

Final year students who are interested in knowing about mailing system and understand the procedure involved in developing a mailing system then Design of Intranet mail system project can help you to gain some knowledge. The main aim for developing this project is to understand steps involved in developing a mail application by updating few new innovative features in to this application and upgrade it to new version will be better choice for computer science students. Design-of-Intranet-Mail-System-Project

Intranet mail application is a mail client application with features like login, sending mail, deleting mail and forwarding mail where admin can add and delete messages in the network. This type of mailing systems can be seen in organizations for sharing information between employees. 

This application is developed by connecting client system to a Linux mail server and Apache is used as web server. This application will provide basic mail facilities as mentioned above where mail transferring is done through IMAP. Admin can delete user messages using Cyrus server.

 As regular mail systems this application will provide welcome page through which user should log in. Unless user name and password is not provided user cannot access his account.     


     List of software’s required for developing this application is mentioned below. 

Linux Platform  

 The Debi an Linux is used for coding plat form.  

Apache Server                 

Apache server should be installed as web server. 

 MYSQL Server

For database storage MYSQL server should be installed. 

 Send mail Server 

                  Send mail server is a MTA agent. It should be installed for transferring the mails.

The protocol to be used is IMAP which serves as the Message Delivery Agent. 

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Download CSE Analyzing of Design of Intranet Mail System Project. 

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