Analyzing of Network Stack Parallelism Project

Final year students who are interested in developed bandwidth efficiency related project using threading concept this application Analyzing of Network Stack Parallelism project can provide better option for developing a project. As the new application are coming in market which takes lot of bandwidth had increased scope for developing better performance in using network bandwidths. In order to increase performance micro-processors had brought lot of change for efficient use of bandwidth. There is need to develop new processors for replacing existing uni-processors to handle continued performance growth.

Developing parallel Core processor had helped in handling stacks in order to increase performance compare to individual core processors. But there is need to bring new processors for handling network servers, this project concentrates to develop better processors for handling network stacks.

In present available network stacks Message based parallelism is handled using multiple threads for processing multiple message at the same time from single or multiple connections, this type of threading can be seen in Linux and FreeBSD.

Where as in Connection based parallelism, Threading is done through groups. Threads which are divided in two groups will handle connections which are assigned to them. This type of threading mechanism can be seen in Dragonfly’s BSD and Solaris 10.

In both the situations handling network using thread mechanism is good but there are few problems like locking, and synchronization problems. This application Network stack parallelism project will explore new ideas for better performance.

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Download CSE Analyzing of Network Stack Parallelism Project.

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