Automatic Foot Dust Vacuum Cleaning Machine ECE Project

The goal of this project “Automatic Foot Dust Vacuum Cleaning Machine ECE Project” is to create a modernized and automatic process for cleaning the foot dust accumulated. This project is useful for use in hospitals, malls, and theatres etc where a lot of people are present. By putting the foot in the machine the dust is cleared automatically.

      automatic-foot-dust-vacuum-cleaning-machine-ece-projectThis project elucidates a simple mechanism which can be easily operated by people. The size of the device is small and compact and hence can be transferred from one place to the other easily. It provides brushes for cleaning and is designed safely so that even children can use it.

Project description:

             The ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document makes use of an automatic sensor. Supply of 230 V ac is provided to the single induction phase motor which runs at its usual speed. The pulley of this motor is connected to the pulley of the main shaft via a belt drive. The main shaft’s rotation depends upon speed of motor and dimension of the pulley.

            Two brushes are mounted on the main shaft and they rotate because of the rotation of the main shaft. These brushes actually clean dust from shoes or foot.  The monitoring and controlling action of the entire system is coordinated by microcontroller. If there is any sort of obstacle, IR sensor gives a signal to the microcontroller which increases its count by one and this gets displayed on the LCD.


               The main advantages of this project are that it eliminates manpower and decreases the operating time. Polishing can also be done t the same time. The design is simple and can be fabricated with ease. The expenditure incurred is also less. As specified above, it can be used in places where large numbers of people move i.e. at hospitals, museums, auditoriums, schools, etc.

Download Automatic Foot Dust Vacuum Cleaning Machine ECE Project.

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