Design Development & Fabrication of Hydraulic Escalator Project Report

The Design Development & Fabrication of Hydraulic Escalator project is about the escalator which is the transport device that works on staircase conveyor to carry people among the building floors. The device includes motor-driven chain which move up or down and enabling the step treads to be horizontal.

Escalators are utilized to move routine traffic in many places throughout the world. The application of this device in important areas consist airports, stores, shopping malls, transit systems, public buildings, convention centers, and hotels.

There are many advantages of escalators. They have the ability to transport many numbers of people from one place to other place like implementing the staircase. They do not possess waiting interval and employed to guide people to main entry or exits and they are weatherproofed to utilize for the outdoor purpose.

Escalators are simplest, largest and expensive devices utilized on daily basis. The machine is just the simple alternative that works on the conveyer belt. The pair of chain loops rotates by pulling the stairs in a consistent cycle that move many number of people at a good speed.

The device is a mechanized that moves the staircase number of people at a time. These machines are seen in museums, shopping malls, subway stations, multi-story parking garages etc. These are installed with up and down escalator adjoined to each other.


The machine is like a conveyor belt yet varies with inclination and stairs. These machines contain handrail which moves along with stairs. There are many escalators that contain two columns of people. The machines are powered with consistent accuracy along with current motors of approximately 1-2 feet (0.30-0.61 m) per second.

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