Access Control System Using I-Button with Secret Lock System Abstract

Access control system using I-Button with secret lock system projects main idea is to develop a application for providing security locking system in different fields like house security, company security, banking security and more. This application is developed using micro controller.

            LCD display is used to for viewing the numeric numbers while displaying it in order to avoid the mistakes while setting up the password.  And it displays the employee code. E PROM has been used to store the password in the default location even not to be erased in the absence of power supply. In this project we use I-Button as a key to a system for security purpose. 


  • Access control system
  • Employee card
  •  Digital ID card
  •  office access security
  •  home access security,
  • Parking security
  •  Mall security access.
download Access Control System Using I-Button with Secret Lock System Abstract.

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