Project Report on Design and Fabrication of Plate Freezer

The Mechanical Final Year Project Report is about the system to freeze for many applications. The kind of cooling is utilized to store fruits but unfit for fish industries. Further, there are many reasonable vegetative microorganisms discovered in food which have decreased by refrigeration when high freezing is utilized. The common freezers are unable to manage with great rate of cooling. The challenge of rapid freezing has increased efficient storage with the progress of plate freezer.

The plate kind evaporators are employed in banks or in single. The plates possibly manifold to pass the refrigerant parallel or connected for flow in the serial way. Plate evaporators are beneficial for the purpose of liquid freezing installation.

This Design & Fabrication of Plate Freezer project is about the plate freezer designed with two plates linked in parallel with freezing load of 0.335 KW. The tube is installed among two metal plates and plates are brazed together at the border which results in plate surface evaporators.

The common food protection is done by storing the food in the chambers possessing the evaporator coils surrounding it. The chamber is insulated with casing around it. The heat from the food to the chamber surface is transferred through the air space. The freezing rate takes lot of time and is low because of the fact that air is a bad conductor of heat. The freezing rate is incremented with the freezer.


The Engineering Mechanical Student Project held for the freezing system described the deficiency of the refrigerant the flow rate through the top plate. The system can be utilized at various temperatures based on our requirements.


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