Data Base Designs Help Systems Technical Paper Presentation

Description: The research paper Data Base Designs Help Systems Technical Paper Presentation talks about it help desk and Data Base Designs. The research paper suggests that IT problems are relatively tougher to deal. The IT problems are solved by IT Technicians. Sometimes a many technicians might solve a single problem. Problem arises when a problem is resolved by many technicians. I could be that each technician has his own way of resolving a problem. There could be lot of clash and confusion in a scenario like this.

Drawbacks of help systems: The research paper explains in depth the problems that might arise in Help Systems. They are:

  1. Help systems are inherently problematic
  2. A problem is viewed by several technicians each specializing a different area of expertise.
  3. A technician might not be well versed in tackling a problem as the problem might be away from his zone of specialization
  4. There is no information suggested on the way the problem was resolved.
  5. The manager is unaware of the number of technicians working over a single issue.

Conclusion: The following solutions have been identified to tackle the help desk systems:

Solutions offered:

  1. It is better if manager deputes a specific problem to a technician
  2. Manager should create a team analyzing individual technician’s area of expertise
  3. Technicians are then finally deputed to a problem

Technicians finally start tackling it.

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