Data Base Testing Technical Paper Presentation

Description: The research presentation Data Base Testing Technical Paper Presentation talks about Data Base Testing. The presentation suggests that Database Testing mainly concentrates on following:

  • Data Integrity test
  • Stored Procedure test
  • Type test
  • Data Size Test
  • Event Driven Item Test
  • Input Item Verification

What is Data Integrity Test: Once a value undergoes any of the above actions (update / Delete / Insert) the database should be verified for the changes performed on related entities i.e., Foreign key / Primary key and all dependent entities.

Stored Procedure Test: Every Stored Procedure is to be tested separately for its functionality ( Based on Separate functions it performs ) Stored procedures need to be broken up into Action Items based on Functions and then Each action item needs to be tested separately as the results of Complete Stored procedure.

Execution may differ from the results obtained by partial execution. This also helps in validating the modularity of Code (White Box).

In the case of stored procedures, to come up with test cases one can consider the following: 

1. The no. of arguments being passed

2. The data type of each of the arguments being passed

3. The order of the arguments being passed

4. The return value

5. The data type of the return value

Based on these you can write both positive and negative test cases, consider a simple example of a stored procedure taking 2 numbers as input and returning the sum of the 2 numbers

This is the process of verification of the input items (Though this is not totally a part of database testing, but this has to be performed essentially during database testing of the Web based applications.

Often it is seen that the input items (Text Box / RTB / Combination Box / Active-X controls) are tested for validation only at front end (Screen testing) but these are again to be tested with junk Character values to confirm that they do not push in such characters which the databases Often misrepresent or Replace with other characters (this testing can partially be performed during Unit testing also by the developer

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