Paper Presentation on Embedded Systems

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Embedded Systems:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of embedded systems. In our modern life, we need the intelligent devices which can satisfy our needs. As there is vast growth in technology, embedded systems are developed. Embedded systems are defined as device that has hardware, software embedded in it.

Today in all the devices these embedded systems are used. Embedded systems are of three types they are standalone, real time and network information appliances. Stand alone systems just take the input, process them and desired output is produced. In real time system time is allotted to complete the task. Network information appliances make use of networks.  

Brief into design and working embedded systems:

The embedded system architecture consists of Cpu, Memory, communication interfaces, inputs, outputs and application. Cpu is more important because it is the unit which fetches and processes the general-purpose instructions like data transfer operations, ALU operations etc. Memories like ram and rom are used to store the software. Inputs like keyboard, mouse is used for interacting with system. Output devices like Led’s and Lcd’s are used to display output. Communication interfaces like RS232, RS485 and USB   are used for communication like data transfer etc.

Advantages and Applications:

Power consumption of embedded system is low. Performance of this system is high. Software can be upgraded. Sizes of embedded systems are relatively small. Now days these are used in consumer appliances, medical field, computer networking, security, instrumentation, ATM’s. 

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