Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems PPT Paper Presentation

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Paper Presentation:

Artificial intelligence is a group of team from stream named as Computer Science which is planning to develop the system computers to act same like that of human beings. In other words artificial intelligence means the system which is capable of making the replica of actions of the human brains. The characteristics of the artificial intelligence consists of the software, the hardware, data required, the talent needed to develop such system, and a machine which practically proves and leads the experiment to success.

The sectors of the artificial intelligence is firstly the perceptive system which a system which makes the replica of the human behavior, secondly the vision system which saves the images, thirdly the robotics which contains all the machinery devices in it, and lastly the expert system which saves the knowledge in it.

Artificial intelligence contains concepts like playing games which codes the system in such a way which can play games like chess etc… Expert System which is capable of capable of making the right decisions whenever needed. The Natural Language which makes the system to understand the Human Spoken languages.

There are also some of the limitations of the artificial intelligence too like it is never demand used or never tested. The small problems are limited in count. It fails to knowledge required; there are many changes of getting errors, it is very hard to keep the maintenance of it. Here are some of the components of the expert system like Knowledge based which has storage of all the important information’s.

The Inference Engine which searches the information required in it. And rule which is a statement that records the outputs. Its advantages are very easy to develop, satisfactory devices, development by professional engineers only. Some of the expert system applications are granting of credits, Information Management, creating plans, Hospitals and schools facilities, Loan system, virus detection’s  marketing.

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