Remote Areas Data Acquisition Using RF Module Abstract

The main aim of Remote Areas Data Acquisition Using RF Module project is to develop a application which will detect the conditions at remote area using RF module.

Data Acquisition refers to continuously reading the data from any of the sensors that we connect. LM35 is the temperature sensor used in this project which is used to communicate in two directions between RF transmitter and micro controller. The controller sends the data to the transmitter and the data is received by the receiver. This is a continuous process.

This can be used as an application in Remote Lighting Controls, On-Site Paging, Asset Tracking, Wireless Alarm and Security Systems, Long Range RFID, Automated Resource Management and so.


  • ISP Programmer
  • Embedded C Programming


  • Microcontroller
  • Power supply
  • LCD display
  • Driver IC
  • ADC
  • LM35
  • RF(Tx/Rx)

download Remote Areas Data Acquisition Using RF Module Abstract. 

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