Cyber Economy Information Technology And Economy Seminar Report

Introduction to Cyber Economy Information Technology And Economy Seminar Topic:

Due to expanding IT industry it has a great influence on today’s global economy. In this paper we will discuss how IT industry is contributing for the development of Indian economy. The growth of software industry has as impact on the Indian economy and led to the growth of other organizational structures. The Indian companies are produce products related to both software and hardware and US is providing major share of projects for our IT industries.

Brief into cyber economy:

Unlike other countries which had abundant mineral sources, India has efficient skilled manpower. The Indian IT sector comprises of call centers, medical transcriptions, back office operations and revenue accounting and application building companies. Due to government policies for the development of software industries many companies from other countries started their companies with the collaboration of Indian companies and the companies are hiring Indians to work in their companies which are in abroad.

Due to this many people are getting work and we are able make software projects with effective cost and have high standards, for which many foreign companies are interested to give projects for our Indian companies. By this process a chain of business is going which increases the economic growth and helps in the development of the country. Due to this many people are showing interest to study professional courses and the literacy rate of the country is increasing.


As the development of the IT industry has a impact on the economic growth, so every state should take certain measures to increase the growth of the industries. Due to the development of these industries they make our economy a globally developed economy and make our country an industrialized country. The development of the economy can improve the quality of various aspects and increases the income source of the country.

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