Seminar Report on Cyber Crime

Introduction to Seminar Topic  on Cyber Crime:

Cyber crimes are the increasing rapidly which has become a serious problem for the government. Cyber crimes are similar to that of conventional crimes, and here the computer is used for performing the crime. Cyber crimes are done by hackers who steal the data and misuse it or get hold of others network and perform financial crimes and email spoofing etc. in this paper we will elaborate how cyber crimes are performed and the preventive methods for reducing crimes.

Causes and types of cyber crimes:

Professional hackers perform cyber crimes by hacking websites or networks and they may steal information or crash the entire system which causes losses. Email bombing is a type of cyber crime where a large number of mails are sent to individual or a company which results in crashing of the data.

Salami attacks are performed in financial service providers like banks where the money from the accounts can be transferred to a particular account.  By Trojan attacks the access control of a computer or a network goes to the hacker and he can manipulate the data.  Many company like Microsoft and research organizations like NASA are facing many problems due to hackers.

Prevention methods and effects of cyber crimes:

Due to cyber crimes the provision of security to the services gets reduced. By virus attacks the networks may get crashed which causes loss of money. The companies have to appoint hackers so as increase the security levels. The security levels for the sites have to be increased so there will be a less chance for the hackers to hack. The government has to take severe action the persons committing cyber crimes so that other persons may not dare to violate the rules.

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