CSE Term Paper Topic with Report on Fuzzy Set Theory In The Context Of Database Security

The Database Management System is a combination of the data and the programs to retrieve the data. The Database technology has put the huge image in the field of computers. The Database are now implemented in various areas like business, e- commerce, engineering, medical science, law, academic, library etc. 

The database posses collection of the similar data. For instance the telephone directory that posses the names, addresses, telephone numbers, profession. These all details are stored in somewhere previously in the diary of index book and now in computer in the MS Excel or MS Access. The information is the Database. 

The Project Fuzzy Set Theory is developed particularly for mathematical problems that are not accurate and unsolved by the human cognitive behavior by their intelligence. The traditional approach is unable to solve the concept of Fuzzy Set Theory. 

One example is the implementation of the Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory with the neural network for identifying the abnormal intrusion detection in the Database operation. We have developed the Integrated Fuzzy set theory and the intrusion detection technique to identify the Hidden Anomaly in the Database that is accurate in real time. This technique is useful to measure the fractional number between the Zero and the One. We are calculating a fraction of the integer 1 with its uncertain degree. 

The conclusion of the Project is to protect the computer system from hacking and unauthorized access. The system administrator has less option to protect the systems. How ever the firewalls and the Intrusion Detection System are provided the solution for the protection. The more advanced technique is now developing known as the Intrusion prevention systems. The system has integrated techniques of the firewalls and the Intrusion Detection System to detect and inhibit the abnormal behavior. The preventing of the attacks is done by seeing the application layer information in the packets. The system is still more to be protected. The changing of attacks varies. The Fuzzy set theory is helpful and still need to be more developed. 

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