CSE Seminar Topic Idea on Iphone4 Apple’s 4g Mobile

Introduction to Iphone4 Apple’s 4g Mobile Seminar Topic:

Introduction to 4G:

In order to meet the growing network demands 3G technology has come into existence. It has additional features like video calling, fax and TV streaming and high speed web. It has a browsing speed of about 144-2mbps. In 3G WCDMA technique is employed which allows multiple users on a common carrier signal. Coming to 4g technology VSEOFCM technique is employed for data transmission. It has a band width of 5.20mhz and transmission speed of about 100mbps.

But for the usage of 3G and 4G technology the networks has to be modified and 3G compatible phones has to be used for accessing. At present only some of the countries has switched to 3G technology and the companies started modifying the networks for the wide spread use of 3G technology. The call charges are a bit higher when compared to that of 2G networks. Thus we can conclude that the usage 3G technology has many features and reduces the loss of time for data transmissions.

Brief on apples Iphone4 mobile:

When apple lunched iphone it has the capability to support 3.5G networks. But at that time the 3G networks are not completely setup and they could not make the use of 3G technology. But there is tremendous advancement in networks and many networks are modified to support 4G technology.

Apples  iphone4 has face time video calling technology which works on a wifi network. It has many advanced features compared to that of iphone. It has a 5 megapixel cam with an led flash. It has higher processing speeds compared to iphone. It has higher call time long lasting battery. It supports HD video recording. It supports 4g technology and it as memory storage upto 64gb, whereas the iphone has a memory space of 32gb. Apple has fixed the price based on the memory space. 

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