Online Mentoring System Java Project Report

Introduction to Online Mentoring System Java Project:

The Project is about developing an application which can help women in all aspects; it may be providing online training or can be providing opportunities of interest. So that it is beneficial for women in all fields. And even making them experts in the domain they have chosen with the help of some training.

 In the existing system, there is a lack of opportunity for encouraging rural women for pursuing their carriers. In the present days women are not allowed for regular studies. If they have opted for distance mode then there will be a lot of communication gap between the trainer and students. And also takes many years for course to complete. 

In the proposed system an application is developed to provide various services to women. It includes providing training online by domain experts and also the queries can be raised and resolved online by tutors or experts. Training is provided on multiple domains by experts. 

To implement this project we have four modules administrator module to handle mentors and student details who has registered with the application. Mentors module where a master mentor is used to track all mentors details, student module involves the students to register with the application before accessing information and reports module where administrator generate reports regarding the available mentors, students , course details and more. 

We can conclude that this application provides an opportunity for women to learn some online courses and even resolve their queries with the help of experts than going by traditional approach. 

The software used for this application includes:

                                  Operating System: Windows,

                                  Technology            : Core java, Adv. Java (JDBC, Servlets, and JSP),            

                                  Database                 : Oracle.

Hardware required:

                                Hardware: Pentium with minimum p4    

                                Ram         : 256 mb minimum.    

Download  Online Mentoring System Java Project Report.

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