CSE Seminar Report On Bittorrent

This is very famous and very used for downloading or transferring huge files. It also provides pirates movies and it has everything which we require on the internet. It does not take loads of transferring data because user itself become a server and they download the file from each other. Means bit torrent doesn’t act as a server.

To download any file from bit- torrent we require a bit- torrent software that is available on any website. Then we need to go the torrent official site and enter the query, and then it will give the torrent file of the query. Then take this query file and enter in the bit – torrent software, it will begin downloading automatically and keep downloading continue in the background.

It uses a large number of small servers to download their file. If the server is overloaded due to demand then it will break the file into a number of chunks and then distribute them to the user. Then the user will combine them to form a file again.

When you search for a query then bit-torrent searches the computers of their client who have completed the downloading of that file and then it chose that this reduces the workload on the torrent server. You must configure your firewall to obtain the best speed of downloading.

You need to enable the firewall to accept the incoming request from torrent file otherwise you will not able to download the file. Torrent uses the specific port to reach your computer, which might have been blocked by your firewall.

Downloading speed also depends on the popularity of file, if the file you want to download is very popular then it will have great demand, then it will give a slow speed of downloading.

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