Microsoft Surface Seminar Report

Introduction to Microsoft Surface Seminar Topic:

As the name is this device is a Microsoft product called an s Microsoft surface which is a multi-touch device established by the accumulation of hardware and software which permits the end user to manage the High definition pictures and other documents by using gesture reorganization. This reorganization has a tracking system of moving hands, or moving some physical things too. Here an object from a small brush till a phone can be recognized.

This Microsoft surface was launched in 2001 by the employees of the Microsoft Company. Later many new versions of Microsoft surface were launched… following are some of the key attributes of Microsoft surface system Direct Interaction, Multi Touch Screen, Multi user experience, Object reorganization.

To build and work on this software a CLI is used, CLI is called as command line interface. This command line interface works with the operating system or the software of the system to write the commands for which the tasks are to be executed. The GUI called as the graphical user interface also helps in this work which is proper software for the high resolution interfaces. The common features of both the command line argument and the graphical user interface are the process management, memory management, device drivers, networking, and imaginary file system.

This device has the multi touch technology means the user can operate the screen by using more than one finger at a time. These fingers are when touched and operated on the screen it then create a gesture. The hardware used for developing the systems is the Screen, The Infrared, The CPU and the Projector. All his are the main devices which are necessary for the development of the Microsoft surface system. 

As we know the Microsoft surface system is the future of the upcoming and today’s generation. Best example of the Microsoft surface is that our computer allows access to one or more application at the same time. This is what the working of Microsoft surface allowing multiple accesses at a time which completely works on the motion of the finger tips.

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