Seminar Report on Blu-Ray Technology

Introduction to Blu-Ray Technology Seminar Topic:

Blu-Ray disc is the optical disc storage format which offers higher data capacity and quality compared to any other formats available today. The Blu Ray disc technology was developed by the BluRay Disc Association (BDA), a body constituting the leading consumer electronics and computer companies including Apple, Dell Inc., Sony, L.G, Samsung, Disney pictures etc. BluRay was first introduced in market in 2003.

Structure of the disc

BluRay disc consists of 3 layers:

  1. Transparent cover: 0.1 mm transparent layer made of spin coated UV resin sandwiched between a bonding layer and protective coating.
  2. High speed recording material : A recording layer made of Ag, In, Sb, Te, Ge has high re-crystallization speed to enable recording at high linear speeds
  3. Super advanced rapid cooling structure: AlN is used in layer to makes it a heat sink

BluRay discs come in single layer and dual layer variants.

The BluRay technology:

Although BluRay is same in size as its predecessors (CD and DVD), it offers 25GB of storage on a single layered disc and 50GB storage on dual layered disc. BluRay technology accomplishes this by using a blue-violet (405 nm) laser light instead of red (650nm) lasers used in CDs. The surface of an optical disc consists of a large number of “pits” on which the data is written with the help of lasers. Thus by using a ray of shorter wavelength, the size of pits can be reduced and their number can be increased facilitating the writing of large amounts of data onto the Blu-Ray disc. This makes endless applications for the technology which has led to initiation of various researches in different fields. 

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