CSE Seminar Idea on Architectural Styles in Software Engineering

Introduction to Architectural Styles in Software Engineering:

Data flow Systems, Call-and-return systems Independent components, Virtual Machines, Data-centred systems are the Common Architecture Styles.  Architectural styles are set of system for pattern of Structural organisation. It contains the information about the components and the connectors and the set of constraints how they are combined.

Some of the common styles are i) Pipe and Filters ii) objects iii) implicit invocation iv)  layering v) repositories vi) interpreters vii) process control.

Pipes and Filters: Connectors are termed as pipes and Components are termed as Filters. This system assist reuse, concurrent execution, specialized analysis.

Data Abstraction and Object-Oriented Organization: Data and the operations associated with it are formulated into abstract data type called Object. Components are the objects. Connectors operated thorough certain procedure calls called methods.

Layered Systems:  It is organised in an order that each layer should serve the layer above. Connectors are lead by Protocols and inform layer interaction. Constraints are limiting interactions between the layers.

Repositories: It has two different components i) central data structure ii) collection of independent components which operate on the data-store. Traditional database can be used as a repository when input transactions select the processes to execute.  Repository can be a blackboard when the state of the data-store is for selecting processes. Blackboard model has three components i) knowledge source ii) Black board Data Structure iii) Control.

Interpreters: Imaginary machine created in software is interpreters. It shortens the gap between the computing engine and the programmers. It decodes the programme into machine language.

Heterogeneous Architectures: Combination of different styles are involved in creating a system. Components are developed using different methods. Connectors are decomposed into different systems. A single component can use different architectural connectors.

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