Distributed System Project Abstract

The aim of this Project is to assist students to create the distributed applications with the help of RMI – Java program. 

The Project deals with the management of the occasion cars at the Dealer showroom  by Client- Server application. The application must have option for the registration of the new cars and its sales receipt. This information or data is next transferred to the Server by implementing the Car and Receipt objects. The Server has to produce every new information into the text file or the database which is stored in the system, can be read. The information regarding the car is made for the Client to look car on the basis of its number. This request is then transferred to the Server which backs the information to the Client. 

The Server consists of the use of the Hahmap, Hashset, Vector, Hashtable class. 

The work to develop a program can be done by the Console but JFrame can also develop it.

 Download  Distributed System Project Abstract .

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