Software for Transaction in Fruit Center VB Project Report

Introduction to Software for Transaction in Fruit Center Project:

The motive to develop this software is to do the all work in fruit center very easily. This software will be going to develop in Microsoft visual basic. This software will going to reduce the paper work of the fruit center and make easy for owner to maintain all the records of transaction safely. This result in less use of man power and less cost which were required to keep the records and have to maintain it. This software helps us to generate bills, make payments and do various transactions. This software helps us to get the owner’s information very easily. This software is capable of handling all the process involved in the fruit center.

In this software we have provided a login form which contains user name and password which only owner of the fruit center have so the owner has the access to all the transactions and records and no unauthorized person cannot have access to the records of the fruit center. Hence it provides security for the software.

Purpose:- This software helps us to maintain all the record of the fruits in a easy way and reduces a lot of paper work. This software is design in such a way that any shop owner can have access to it whether it has knowledge of computer or not. This software will speed up the transaction in the fruit center. Bu it we can access all the records of the shop at anytime and anywhere.

Requirement:– For running this software we require windows xp as a operating system. Microsoft visual in the front end and oracle database in the back end. Its hardware requirement is that it requires Pentium processor, minimum 40 GB hard disc, minimum 256 RAM, monitor, keyboard and a mouse.

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