CSE Networking Project Topic on Network Border Patrol with Project Report

The presence of the network border patrol is essential in the virtual world, as it looks forward to prevent any sort of congestion collapse and also helps in the promotion of fairness in the virtual world.

One of the most important things that is to be kept in mind while dealing with the virtual world is that, every service, protocol and algorithm that is introduced in the internet must essentially scale well. This is usually termed as a sociability argument.

An effect of this scalability argument is that, in order to retain the scalability, the level of complexities in the algorithms must be pushed to the borders, in every possible case.

This corollary is known as the end to end argument. 

One of the best examples of this argument is the TCP congestion control that is usually attained by algorithms, which are employed only at the end systems. But this too has limitations, as TCP comes with the cons of the end to end argument.

Because TCP follows the end to end congestion control very rigidly, two of the most common problems that the internet face are congestion collapse due to packets that remain undelivered and uneven distribution of bandwidth among the traffic. 

To elaborate on the first problem, what happens is that congestion collapse occurs because the bandwidth is continuously utilized by those packets that are dropped before hand and hence do not reach their destination.

The main reason for this collapse is the unresponsive flow, that has become so very popular over the internet, especially in the applications that uses both video and audio.

The second problem also rises because of unresponsive flows. The TCP flow, which is an adaptive flow, has the power to react to congestion very fast; they minimize their rate of transmission, hence the distribution of bandwidth ends up being uneven. 

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