Routing Simulator Networking Project

Routing Simulator project explains about routing mechanism in a network packet transmission system. In general cases routing is used only for obtaining and distributing information but it is not used for transferring packet from source point to destination. The process of obtaining information from packet is difficult and it is not used. Here we explain about importance of routing and its usage in packet transmission from one point to other by using the information provided in the packet. In OSI end system a clear discussion is mentioned between routing and forwarding where routing mechanism is clearly understood.

In network system source and destination information is embedded in packet construction and transmitted on the network. The process of sending packet from one source to other source on the network is called routing. Transmitted packet will pass through different nodes and each node will be provided with packet analysis system where it will unpack packet source and destination address and transmit to the destination by calculating shortest path.

Routing algorithm plays important role in packet transmission. Data that is unpacked from the packet is compared with the routing table which is located in database of the system and routing path is calculated. Database is stored in system RAM for fast accessing.

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