CSE Mini Networking Project on Prevention of Congestion Collapse

Introduction to Networking Project on Prevention of Congestion Collapse:

One of the most important things that is to be kept in mind while dealing with the virtual world is that, every service, protocol and algorithm that is introduced in the internet must essentially scale well. This is usually termed as a scalability argument.

An effect of this scalability argument is that, in order to retain the scalability, the level of complexities in the algorithms must be pushed to the borders, in every possible case. This corollary is known as the end to end argument. 

Thus the presence of a network border patrol is essential in the virtual world, as it looks forward to prevent any sort of congestion collapse and also helps in the promotion of fairness in the virtual world.

This mechanism of the network border patrol has been set up so that the problems of congestion collapse due to packets that remain undelivered and uneven distribution of bandwidth among the traffic can be corrected and dealt with.

What the Network Border Patrol looks forward to do is necessitates a feedback among routers so as to identify and detect and control unresponsive flow of traffic, just at the border of the network.

In this way, once they are detected at the border, they are not able to enter the network and thus will have no scope to cause any congestion. 

There are various modules that this mechanism follows: 

Source module whose job is to send to the Ingress router the packets.

Ingress Router Module which helps to control the rate of flow of every packet entering the network.

Router Module is the one that receives the packet sent by the Ingress router, and then again forwards it to Egress router.

Egress Router Module is one that determines how quickly each packet is leaving the network.

Destination Module receives and ultimately stores the data sent by the Egress router.

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